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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

These workshops and retreats are for those of us that don't make enough time for ourselves.  Those of us who dabble with gettin' crafty with our hands once in a blue moon.  Those who work in creative fields but never get to make just for ourselves or for the sake of making.  Those who haven't gotten creative since 3rd grade art class but feel the tug to do so. We want to do more creatively but life gets in the way.  That big stack of unfinished projects is, well, unfinished.  (Along with work, dishes, screaming kids, and all the other daily life things begging to be done first.)  Craftscapade retreats are designed to step away from all of that and into a space where self-indulgent relaxation and creativity can occur.  Creative retreats and workshops featuring approachable, modern projects that you'll be able to put in your finished pile with a sense of accomplishment.  Simple, spirited fun with no pretension or competition.  Structured class time with spontaneous flexibility built in.  Yummy meals, drinky-drinks, and maybe even a late night dance party (or two).  Lots of chitchat.  Beautiful surroundings, warm, genuine people.  Walks in the woods and morning yoga optional.  Heart to hearts by the fire.  But no Kumbaya.  If you find spiritual awakening during this, it will be entirely coincidental!  But you will undoubtedly leave with new friends, feeling refreshed, and creatively inspired. (And maybe a hangover.)

We will host seasonal retreats at carefully selected locations, and are open to Craftscapade offshoots or collaborations, so check back regularly or sign up for our newsletter for updates. (Bottom of retreats page.)

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Sarah williams

Good Times Facilitator.  The hostess with the mostess.  After 14 years of co-owning and running a restaurant with my husband (PotPie in Kansas City, Missouri), ready to move on to a different creative endeavor but not quite ready to let the party end, I created Craftscapade.  On top of hosting a nightly fete at the restaurant, I've thrown countless events, dinner parties, craft nights and girl's weekends that all turned out to be pretty memorable.   Clearly, though, I missed out on sleepaway camp as a child and am trying to make up for lost time.  I too have tons of half-finished projects around the house that I am going to get to one day

So who am I?  Mom, wife, consummate planner, pasty-faced reader with an irreverent sense of humor. Luddite at heart.  Text-book Gemini.  I love paper, real books, old stuff, run-on sentences, dollheads, curiosity cabinets, tennis, clouds, nature, traveling, Hip Hop, 90s indie rock, sad songs, and dancing.  Not 80s dancing, but something with some bass and soul, for crying out loud.  I miss the mix-tape.  I wish I lived inside a Wes Anderson movie.  I dislike LOLs, patchouli, people that take themselves too seriously, sports cars, cleaning house, and people that are mean to servers.  I'm not crazy about social media but I'm trying. The moment when asked in a gym class to "pick a partner" still makes me panic, so I promise not to do that to anyone.  I think people are complex so I don't like labels. Oh, and I believe in Bigfoot. 


Amanda tholen long

Fearless Craft Leader.  Like a cult leader but without the cult part.  So excited to have Amanda at the helm of project instruction at Craftscapade. She has some really modern, approachable crafts for us to look forward to.  This artistic gal has mad skills not only in the craft department but also with a hammer and a nail gun.  She too ran a successful business, the sweetest little shop called Mash Handmade, for 7 years in Kansas City, Missouri.  In addition to creating their own goods in house, Mash worked with over 100 artists to supply the coolest handmade artwork, housewares, jewelry, and clever stationery for Kansas City's most discerning mansions, apartments, shacks and houses. 

Amanda is a also a wife and mom but somehow manages to be way more productive than the average person.  I haven't figured out her secret yet, but I'm pretty sure it's not just coffee.  In between her latest gig of re-modeling houses and momhood, she manages to crank out modern embroidery, collage, jewelry and more.  She recently mastered the laser cutter, made a killer Nudie-style Western baby suit, and had work featured in the fantastic Uppercase Magazine. When she isn't busy with all that you may very well find her and her honey gettin' their pictures taken at Olan Mills.  Good to know:  "If someone professes their love publicly and I happen to see it?  I love it and I cry.  If they do it via a poem or song?  I want to crawl in a hole and die."  I've also been informed that poetry readings and performance art make her really squirmy, so it's safe to say that won't be happening at Craftscapade.  We had the unique honor of hosting Amanda's wedding at our restaurant, and I'm so grateful to have her fantastic style, experience, and her artistic handiwork as part of my new venture.


Janee Church

Janee isn't actually a hairy-chested, cigarette smoking yogi, but this will have to do until I get that photo she promised me of her doing a back bend while drinking an Old Fashioned.  She will be easing us into yoga during two mornings of the retreat and it will be a great way to start the day, even for inflexible people like me!  Janee also sports the title of Mom and Wife and is recently completed her yoga certification training at Maya Yoga.  She is way more evolved, kind and patient than I could ever dream to be and her life is full of interesting anecdotes that come out slowly and unexpectedly as you get to know her. Doing a solo hike on the Appalachian Trail, working-for-keep on organic farms, sleeping on random boats at a dock in Santa Cruz---been there, done that.  Who knew?  She drank me under the table on my 21st birthday and dropped me off to crawl up to my apartment and we've been friends ever since. 


Kathy Bowman

The Handler.  Kathy will be assisting with the DIY stations, meals, and handlin' shit.  She too is very crafty in her own right and also amazes me with her ability to create while juggling a full-time teaching gig, three kids and a husband.  Rug hooking, sewing, this gal can do it all.  Kathy is the kind of person that everyone is and wants to be friends with (god forbid you walk into a public place with her, she knows  everybody) and rightfully so. A former Catholic school girl with a dark side,  Kathy is the perfect travel companion, easiest-ever person to be around, most encouraging, interesting, clever, ultra-witty , a sublime conversationalist and is utterly genuine to boot.  That, and she's just f*#!ng fun!  I am so lucky to call her my friend and my whole being will relax more at the retreat having her around as support. 


The secret to being a charming host:  Just add cocktails!